Fight Night - Agency or In House

Last nights CIPR Fight Night saw "In House" vs "Agency" battle it out. The reason behind this I though was quiet clever, behind all the friendly antics was a sort of pitch. The lecture hall was two thirds full of potential employee's. As students we are too inexperienced to go straight into freelancing, and so it’s in house or agency when we finish.

Although we didn't have that promised vote at the end of the discussion I thought agency seemed to win over the majority. The students I spoke to after all said they preferred the idea of a busy office packed with plenty of staff, safety in numbers. In house seemed to me to be represented by a slightly older crowd, apologies!

Already thinking of direction for after my degree I see myself in agency, with six months previous experience in Freud's the draw to agency is strong. I will find in house work eventually to broaden my experience and insight; however I can see myself ultimately working freelance.


Feature Fantastic

I finally got talking to the editor of The Met, the lovely Kat Baldwin. I went through three potential ideas for stories hoping that at least one would get the go ahead for production. After I finished telling her my thoughts, I closed my eyes and prayed.

"There all excellent! Can you do all three?" She replied.

Looks like I'm going to be a busy little bee for the next few days. If any one needs help being pointed in her direction just let me know.



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I strive for accuracy, but any mistakes will be altered as soon they are brought to my attention. Any comments/complaints please e-mail me.

Network to Getwork!

OK one more student blogger added…. Who wants to be next?

I think we can become quite a formidable pack online. Hopefully we can start a little movement where others can admire our willingness to promote ourselves. We don't have to write about our course worries all the time, sure we can discuss things and help each other out, but there is only a certain number of people complaining about models and theories that I can take.

Let’s get stuck in and see where we go. Before we can go anywhere, we need numbers!


Tattoo removal !

Just quickly.

Ive been branded for what seemed to be for eternity with a terrible Google rating.

Turns out thanks to the recent interest, my blog has jumped to number 1.

"Paddy Doyle PR" search it and see. Fuss for nothing I'm sure.

Facebook brainwash

After pacing up and down the library Ive finally succeeded in jumping on a PC, not like I should be complaining, its great to see so many people working so hard.

But wait, at second glance I can see that more than half are logged into facebook. There are numerous laptops to be seen, I can see four screens from where I am and yes there all on facebook.

Ive just spotted my friend sitting with a laptop with some colleague's planning a presentation, and yes once again they are working alongside the social networking masterpiece.

Is this going to plague our lives forever?......... Should we not ban facebook on uni PCs?

Rant over.

Just need to tag those photo's of last night and then I'm off home.


Is there anyone out there?

Due to the recent observations that student PR blogs are on the demise, I thought I'd invite people to come and voice on here to help raise awareness to any blogger currently in the dark.


Got my letter !

So I go my first ever letter published this morning and I felt surprisingly giddy. I felt like id won a tenner on the lottery, however they did print a spelling mistake which slightly put a downer on it. Never the less I'm one step closer to end of the dreaded ten items for my portfolio, and im chuffed.


Public Relations Hoodies.....?

Who's proud to be on their course at their university?

I'm going to look into the opportunity of getting some funds for my course BA (Hons) Public Relations, to get some branded hoodies so that we can show off where we are and what we do.

Who's with me........anyone?


New age of the internet - my first burn!

As I write this I am experiencing my first new age disaster! Blogging is great because its easy and fun, facebook and myspace are a little less demanding, yet it still gives you the feeling you've created something from scratch in the world of the Internet.

I wont say who because its not clever but someone has ruined my day.

They supply a web template and then you go ahead and edit it as you deem fit. Well its not that easy.......

Maybe its my naive outlook on life, but if something sounds easy then it normally is. £30 down the drain. Brilliant!


Whats the 411 about the 606? Because i'm all 6's and 7's!

BBC Sport's website which sits happily at front row on my favorites list, has a section named 606. This is where people who visit the site can write anything they wish about anything sports related. Then anyone can read it and comment on it, and good articles get recommended and linked to on other pages.

I'm thinking maybe something similar would be cool for the Leeds Met Home page, how about a link called "Your Met" or "The 411!". Students could write anything they wished about their university, and other students, staff and visitors could comment on whats written.

Students could post links to thier blogs, and wiki's, also what about having a survey on there too . How do we rate the Public Relations of the University towards us the people that matter, the students?

That way meetings that happen once a blue moon can get answers more readily and things can get rolling. What do people think about this? Can anyone point me in the direction of anyone who could help me with this?


Soupa Size ME!

New business's of any size will find it difficult to promote their products at first, that's no secret, but the one's that really succeed are the one's that makes us think how did we ever live without them.

iPOD's to Cillet Bang, my life surely did not function untill they arrived in my life, how can other companies succeed in achieving this.

Three brave young men are attempting this as we speak right here in Headingley. Silvano, Jake and Joe have stepped into the brave world and are enticing us with healthy and convenient foods such as soup, salads and yoghurt!

Soupa have cleverly attracted attention already from The Yorkshire Post and Barclay's Bank no less. They have performed a trial to prove that their products are not just extremely healthy but indeed life changing.

The subject who works here in Leeds with Barclay's Bank performed the Soupa Size Me challenge, a parody on Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me. She ate only Soupa's products provided by a daily food pack delivered to her office each working day.

Where Spurlock found his body mass index rose from ‘healthy’ to ‘overweight’ as well as experiencing mood swings, sexual dysfunction and serious liver damage, the subject of Soupa Size Me cut unhealthy snacks from her diet, found she had more energy in an afternoon and perhaps most significantly, lost 5% points of body fat through no change in exercise or diet outside of working hours!

The article due to be published in the upcoming week will soon deem the fate of this young and prosperous company...... The question is, if the outcome is positive will the public think this is Spoof or Truth?



Spoof: (aka spoofing - slang phrase)

1. To lie, spin the truth, or any other means of using forms of communicating to encourage a certain desired behaviour of the recipients. Basically a really good PR tool.