Whats the 411 about the 606? Because i'm all 6's and 7's!

BBC Sport's website which sits happily at front row on my favorites list, has a section named 606. This is where people who visit the site can write anything they wish about anything sports related. Then anyone can read it and comment on it, and good articles get recommended and linked to on other pages.

I'm thinking maybe something similar would be cool for the Leeds Met Home page, how about a link called "Your Met" or "The 411!". Students could write anything they wished about their university, and other students, staff and visitors could comment on whats written.

Students could post links to thier blogs, and wiki's, also what about having a survey on there too . How do we rate the Public Relations of the University towards us the people that matter, the students?

That way meetings that happen once a blue moon can get answers more readily and things can get rolling. What do people think about this? Can anyone point me in the direction of anyone who could help me with this?

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