Public Relations Hoodies.....?

Who's proud to be on their course at their university?

I'm going to look into the opportunity of getting some funds for my course BA (Hons) Public Relations, to get some branded hoodies so that we can show off where we are and what we do.

Who's with me........anyone?


Natalie Torbett said...

I think PR hoodies are a great idea...as would be a mass PR trip to Escape(or what ever it's called) snowboarding! Seriously though there needs to be a PR society thats not only hard working but also relatively sociable......

Anyone agree?

Patrick Doyle said...

Escape sounds a great idea, obviously skiing is way cooler than snowboading x

Katie Matthews said...

Hi Paddy,

I was talking to Shirley Beresford last week and she loved the idea of pr hoodies! Maybe you should take it higher? Would make a great portfolio item surely- if you pitch it too her!


p.s skiing is way cooler than snowboarding!