What The Bloody Hell Is Web 3.0?

I finally understood what Web 2.0 was, and now people are already talking about Web 3.0.

Eric Schmidt CEO of Google has said -

"Web 2.0 is a marketing term, and I think you've just invented Web 3.0"

I think what he is saying is that we the public, expect natural progression, the next best thing. If we stop thinking about the future we become in danger of losing our sense of reality, we miss opportunities and become naive.

The rich and famous predict future, who will be the next Mark Zuckerberg?

Is Web 3.0 a reality or are we just being ridiculous?

My money is on 3D graphics, some sort of AI interface that we design ourselves and talk to in order to access our internet.

All I need is a billion pounds to develop the idea and I’ll be a millionaire by Christmas.

With the New York Giants winning the superbowl last night they have now become "World Champions". Strange for a team to become world champs when the competition is only held in the US with American teams. A one hour game lasted just under four hours, with fireworks, pre-match entertainment, half-time show, and a finale of parades of mascots and celebrities.

Each advert between plays cost's £1.5 million pounds and the game was watched by over a billion people in 232 countries.

It seems as though America do everything to deflect away from the actual sport itself, which seems to lack any real excitement.

I'm not really sure what this has to do with anything related to PR, or anything at all really, it just makes me cross. I think America is quite odd, I must go back again soon to really make my mind up.