Fight Night - Agency or In House

Last nights CIPR Fight Night saw "In House" vs "Agency" battle it out. The reason behind this I though was quiet clever, behind all the friendly antics was a sort of pitch. The lecture hall was two thirds full of potential employee's. As students we are too inexperienced to go straight into freelancing, and so it’s in house or agency when we finish.

Although we didn't have that promised vote at the end of the discussion I thought agency seemed to win over the majority. The students I spoke to after all said they preferred the idea of a busy office packed with plenty of staff, safety in numbers. In house seemed to me to be represented by a slightly older crowd, apologies!

Already thinking of direction for after my degree I see myself in agency, with six months previous experience in Freud's the draw to agency is strong. I will find in house work eventually to broaden my experience and insight; however I can see myself ultimately working freelance.

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Giselle said...

I actually was quite swayed towards the in house actually. I got talking to one of the practitioners who attended the night and he gave me a fairly good arguement for it.

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