Soupa Size ME!

New business's of any size will find it difficult to promote their products at first, that's no secret, but the one's that really succeed are the one's that makes us think how did we ever live without them.

iPOD's to Cillet Bang, my life surely did not function untill they arrived in my life, how can other companies succeed in achieving this.

Three brave young men are attempting this as we speak right here in Headingley. Silvano, Jake and Joe have stepped into the brave world and are enticing us with healthy and convenient foods such as soup, salads and yoghurt!

Soupa have cleverly attracted attention already from The Yorkshire Post and Barclay's Bank no less. They have performed a trial to prove that their products are not just extremely healthy but indeed life changing.

The subject who works here in Leeds with Barclay's Bank performed the Soupa Size Me challenge, a parody on Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me. She ate only Soupa's products provided by a daily food pack delivered to her office each working day.

Where Spurlock found his body mass index rose from ‘healthy’ to ‘overweight’ as well as experiencing mood swings, sexual dysfunction and serious liver damage, the subject of Soupa Size Me cut unhealthy snacks from her diet, found she had more energy in an afternoon and perhaps most significantly, lost 5% points of body fat through no change in exercise or diet outside of working hours!

The article due to be published in the upcoming week will soon deem the fate of this young and prosperous company...... The question is, if the outcome is positive will the public think this is Spoof or Truth?


Patrick Doyle said...

What do people think of this as Public Relations tool? Soupa's link to follow.

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