Stuff of the World

Day 6 -

Wildlife of Malaysia? sure!

Firstly, like any place hot and far away from home, yes there are spiders. Lots of them!

However these little devils don't linger round all day especially if you head towards to the beach. At which point you might be greeted by one of these bad boys living under your beach hut.

You will be occasionally treated to some unforgettable wildlife that won't have you running to the hills. Firstly, I saw a whale shark this year whilst diving the in the Perhentians. I also got to know Eddie the eagle quite well, a friendly 4 foot tall sea eagle with claws the size of pincher's. The poor blighter had lost the ability to fly, and the locals fed him rats and fish. He became very tame and I found great humor in walking up to tourists taking photos of the beastly looking bird from afar, strike up conversation about how stunning and wild the bird looked, only to waltz over and practically give Eddie a kiss on the beak, much to one American tourists complete amazement....... 'dude your crazy!'

If your lucky you also might get to meet one of these little guys.

Although don't try to eat them, apparently this is very naughty!

And one final tip if your lucky enough to stumble across one of these miniature works of art, they are very difficult to keep still.

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