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Day 5 -

Ever been to Cambodia?

Forget the temples, beaches, and the jungle. The people of Cambodia are the highlight!

After at $50 taxi from the boarder to Siem Reap, me and my buddy Dave were invited by our tuk tuk driver to his house party. With little rest and no real motivation to do anything else but sleep, we decided 'hey, whens the next time a friendly Cambodian guy is gonna invite you to his house party?'

So we headed off into the dark, hot Cambodian night. An hour through the jungle clinging for our lives to a moped welded with two extra forks of steal as make shift seats, we arrived at a his house, or should I say hut.

We drank the local brew for hours, feasting on chicken feet and deep fried beetles and sang endless amounts of Cambodian karaoke (which by the way is HILARIOUS). As you can see I had a great time with these guys.

And if you ever get yourself over there, make sure you hook up with the locals, there are super friendly and by far the most hospitable humans you could wish to meet. And hey, if you must go to the temples, get yourself down to Angkor Wat, my mate Dave can rustle you up some great cocktails.

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