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Day 7 -

What's the best beach in S.East Asia?

Answer. This place.

Forget Maya Bay (aka the set of 'The Beach') off the coast of Koh Phi Phi, tourism and sadly the tsunami have tainted this otherwise stunning beach. For me there is only one place you ought to see if your on the lookout for the best beach in the S.E Asia, if not the world. Here is the view from a top a rock on the east side, shot by my good friend Justin.

With no official name, the locals call it 'Romantic Beach' or 'Paradise Beach', which as you can see is not a bad attempt.. Accessible by taxi boat or canoe, this beach offers the chance to chill out in awe of the teal seas and the thick jungle.

To get here head to the Perhentains on the north east coast of Malaysia, and ask a local to take you here. You will be met by hovering eagles, and the odd snorkeler taking a well deserved rest. Go here at least once in your life, I order you to !

And once you have had enough of the idyllic surroundings, just head down and have a deserved rest.

The beach at dusk. Guess the tune playing on our ipod dock and win a prise!

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