Travel Blogs & Travel Boars

Reading travel blogs of mutual friends, acquaintances and even family, can be a tad tasking at times. Travel blogs on the whole, essentially detail people's day to day goings on during their travels. I Googled myself today and found I appear in travel blogs from people from the US, Canada, Denmark and Norway, mostly referring to when I ran a bar on the Perhentians in Malaysia called 'Bellends Bar', opening cans and skinny dipping every night - aka best time of my life.

But my point is, on the whole travel blogs suck!!

That was until I came across a few good ones. What makes a great travel blog? I believe it is the ability to show off your experiences without patronizing, confusing, over detailing and blurring those experiences.

We know where you are, and if we don't then please don't detail every brick and tile in the style of an Edwardian novelist, we just don't need to know. Don't tell us everything, keep it relatively short and capture our imagination with a funny story, or a tale of adventure. The key is to use all the mediums you can. Carefully selected words, perfect photos to accompany the mood and atmosphere of the location, and certainly include fantastic video. This final medium of video captures for me, the ultimate 'inspiring' hook than any other format can possibly deliver. If a picture tells a thousand words, then how many does a video tell?

A gazillion, that's how many. has caught my attention over the past month for obvious reasons, and I hope you enjoy Lyndsay's blend of clever & educational posts, coupled with stunning photography and the best use of videography with regards to amateur travel footage known on the face of the cyber planet. Cuddo's to you as they say in the US of A cuddo's.


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