Top 50 Baby!

Firstly congrats to all the other 49 guys and girls (mostly girls) for reaching the top 50 STA WTI. So what do we know.

1. Our videos were awesome.

2. Our blogging has been great.

3. Tweeting hasn't been a waste of time.

4. Those twenty five minutes while the site was down sure was an interesting passage of my life!


5. We now must await the application form.

I count 16 lads, and 34 girls. I think this goes to show that girls really are better at juggling two things at once. Or perhaps girls are just drawn to this job more than guys. For what ever reason the ladies really did show their skills off in a big way so well done girls.

50 will very shortly become 20, and I think this round is for sure, THE MOST IMPORTANT ROUND, underestimated by anyone sure to be a perilous decision.

I think its sad that some guys video applications didn't make it through when they had clearly made way more effort than some of the guys who did go through, but hey, votes certainly did count for something.

I think the voting side to this competition is by far the most unsettling part of the whole internship. Its caused the competition to become a REAL competition, resulting in major competitiveness from even the most uncompetitive people (me for one). Its put people through to the top 50 and its caused rivalry (mostly friendly). Our votes have been sheared and I presume at this point we must grasp as many more as we can get. Which is going to be hard. Another challenge is something I'm looking forward too.

What does everyone think now the top 50 are up? Are we feeling good? Nervous? Sad?

My birthday today too, so thanks STA for a great early birthday present.



Ru said...

firstly...congrats on getting through, so pleased. we did it!

secondly, great post...totally agree with you about some of the videos...there were some that didn't get through that actually i thought were fantastic...but yeah i guess the voting system was fairly important in getting through.

I'm so excited now...let's keep the campaigning going...keep annoying those facebook friends, make an amazing CV, await what i'm sure are going to be some quite challenging questions in the next application form and just keep your fingers crossed!

Top 20 here we come!

Ru said...

oh and just to add...with the voting thing...i know exactly what you mean. I didn't know i could be so competitive!