A silver fox asks.....

How you been preparing for the next stage if you get through?

It may come as presumptuous and certainly exposing to embarrassment to admit this, but Ive been thinking about the next rounds since I heard about the selection process. I have been studying the STA WTI inside and out, and to be perfectly honest, I'm prepared for rounds 2, 3 and the final if it were to arise already. Yes I have talked to myself on the walk home going through phone interview questions!! (oh dear, first sign of madness).

How you ask? Well without giving it all away, I have sourced locations, key people, and equipment to help me through the next stage and I cant wait (fingers crossed) to finally have the excuse to start replicating magic!!!HAHAHA joking guys.

Any views about the competition so far?

So far its been an amazing ride, if not a ridiculously distracting one. I made my STA WTI video pretty much straight away, which looking back was a great idea. STA travel buzz were first to mention me on their site, and I had the chance to get my hands dirty straight away with a follow up video detailing my day out, which helped me in my video making skills no end. Social networking has been fun, and Ive met a few cool people.

There has been moments when it has caused some stress. Abusive wall post's made to me, and from people pretending to be me. I kinda expected some stick, after all my application video is awesome, who wouldn't be jealous!! haha, don't miss quote me people!! x x

The ride has been up and down, but certainly unforgettable. Strange to think it will be over soon.

Have you been impressed by the other applicants?

Overall I would say the other applicants applications are so varied its impossible to generalise. On the whole, they are AWESOME! Which is of course a bad thing :(. Two clear finalists in my eyes are Sparky and Hazza!!.

I'm glad votes aren't really the main thing anymore too. Slide shows aren't really that cool.

All the best guys. Good luck with Top 50 and beyond.


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