One Last Push!

With five or so days until the deadline for the STA WTI hopefuls to finish their application forms, I sat and pondered.

2,500 or so people applied and now we are left with 50 great potential world travelers.

I was surprised to see the form to be so short. I suppose STA at this point are looking for any reason to scrap 30 of us. Lack of PC software experience, travel history and alike all huge obstacles for us to tackle. How can I stand out?

After pondering this question for about an hour over a few martini's in Skippy's, I came up with an idea.

A CV to support my application. 50 down to 20. Desperate measures.

x x


Alex said...

"A panel of judges from STA Travel and other partners will select the top 20 candidates based on the full applications received."

Not 30. I can't understand why they haven't asked for a CV and references like they said they would, but thats clearly their call on what they need to know most so hey. Maybe this will work for you.

Patrick Doyle said...

whoospy slip of the old finger. yeah who knows eh?

just trying to think on my toes! x