Understanding Taste

When it comes to music, what is - having good taste? Because I think I have none.

Lets look at my most played songs on my iPod and YouTube favorites.

Top 10 in order of plays.

1. Oasis - (songs like Songbird (live version), Cast No Shadow (live version) and Who Feels Love (again live, this time at the old wembley)

2. Pink Floyd - Echoes (the greatest hits)

3. Lady GaGa - The Fame Monster

4. Beyonce - Being Sacha Fierce

5. The Beatles - (mostly The White Album)

6. Kings of Leon - (Because of the Times)

7. ABBA - Gold

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (which is weird because its not my favourite album)

9. The Strokes - Is this it

10. The Presets - (just one track 'This boys in love', live version, awesome performance and the crowd vibe of it so well)

So what does this mean? Well Oasis and Pink Floyd are up top which is respectable, but GaGa and Beyonce above The Beatles! Surely I should be shot. Abba higher than RHCP and The Strokes! This can be explained by me obsession with pop. I was rasied on pop, when my mates were listening to The Smiths and Limp Bizcuit, I was blasting the Destiny's Child and Ace of Base.

My old man stepped in at the age of 15, I think he was worried I may be batting for the other team.

Maybe he was too late? Hahaha (fancy dress party btw!)

He sat me down and played me Pink Floyd's Echoes and explained to me why it was so good. Anyone who has that collection will understand this too.

I love weird stuff too. I like Justin Bieber. I love the SugarBabes (old stuff, the new album....what are you doing guys???) I like Girls Aloud. I like Soul, Blues and Jazz. I go to a Jazz night once a month. I DJ the bar I work in early doors and thus need to know plenty about Northern Soul and Motown. So why the hell do I have such a wide pallet of musical taste.

Most people say they like most stuff, but I think I actually seem to have literally nothing I don't like. Except Drum & Base, Techno and that *&%^$. These types of music are above and beyond my capability of mind power. I'm sure the idea of listening to Usher's new tune would be the sound of hell to most people, but hey I like it.

What's my favorite tune right now I hear you ask. Well I stumbled across this. Check it out. Spanish covers ROCK!

Rant over. What do you think? Am I like you? Am I condemning my children to a life of hell? Should I jump off the nearest building for even mentioning Justin Beiber in a blog post?

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