Its Buisness Time

After a day to take everything in, I think I can finally say, WAHOO!!

Now that Ive got that out my system I ought to say a few words. Firstly to those who have been tweeting, blogging, posting videos and pictures over the last month who didn't make it through, commiserations.

The biggest surprises for me that did not make it through were Amanda Jenkins and Sophie Collard, both great contestants who I thought had done enough to make it through. This begs the question, what the ruddy hell are STA looking for?

It was nice to see some inspiring words from some of the fallen, my favorite was from Elle, who has now responded by going on her own mission to travel the world regardless, this will no doubt help her no end if she fancies reapplying next year. Some guys took it personally and I saw someone delete their twitter accounts to go back to their 'real friends'. Good luck with that one.

For those of us who made it thought to the top 20, well done! Mixed bunch overall I feel. The male-female numbers seems to have been evened out which is nice to see. Certainly twitter followers, YouTube channel subscribers and the application forms have shown themselves to be an aiding factor to get us through to this point. As for the next round, the dreaded phone interview. I am actually quite looking forward to it. We get to talk to the STA guys for the first time, get a feel about who they are and what they have to say. I am currently knee deep in writing my dissertation, but as soon as that has been put to bed I shall get myself nicely prepared for next weeks antics.

I want to say thanks to all the other applicants throughout the process who have shown their support to me via blogs etc. It means a lot to see those comments, but to be honest this is business time, so good luck to all and let the best man and woman get the job.

If your looking for a laugh in these testing times -

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Roo said...

nicely said. i for one will be keeping all you sta ppl as friends, even if i dont make it through to the final round!