Done and Dusted

This last seven days has been hectic but by far the best week of the year so far. After I found out I had made the Top 10 of the STA World Traveller Internship much to mine and a few not so gracious contestants amazement, I got to work on my final video.

So the theme of my final video was to show how lush and delightfully English my little village of Headingley is. Once I established this I had a party. After that I take you to Cafe Lento aka pure bliss. I concentrated on the cafe for two reasons; firstly it is the only real place you ought to go if you are passing by and because Richard the gent who runs the place is a true legend and a star.

The video highlights my new found love of editing film and how cool my music taste is despite what other blog post's may have said.

The videos are 80% up, only my fellow Leeds Met student Chris and dark horse Tiffany to go. The Top 10 videos are all great and in so many different ways. The theme of most are quite similar and leaves me pondering whether my main concentration on Lento is a downfall. Having said that, I think my video is a roaring success and something that shows off my ability to tell a story and a good attempt of inspiring you all to come visit the quaint village of Headingley. Even if I do say so myself!

Gd Luck to you all!

Next week I shall be blogging about my work abroad so look out for that.

Peace! x x x

Oh and here is the video....Durr!!

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