A Month Goes By

A month has past since I uploaded my final STA WTI application video and its certainly been a rollercoaster ride. Since the day I uploaded the final version I have been involved in joyful laughter with friends, been spotted around town (hey your that guy off the STA thing right?), delved into the exciting world that is scandal, visited strange and expensive places (£4.70 a pint down in the big smoke), and met some brilliant people.

1,387 views and 5456 votes later, I now feel involved with this role. I think my video still carries charm, but I am now looking at the floods of other videos that are finally hitting the net. Good luck to everyone who applies. My vote goes to the lovely Sparky! I love her humour, I hope that everyone else gets it.

People have been talking to me about their ideas of making new videos to strengthen their applications. My advice would be do it, but try and be original. STA know what they want, you can't force it, just be yourself, try not to fail UNI by doing all this work on it, and enjoy yourself. After all, in the words of Chris Danner 2009 WTI winner 'be yourself because everyone else is taken.'


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