Back @ Ya!

Yo yo yo!! Thanks to all those who tweeted & emailed saying 'hey paddy, where's you new blog post at?' Well here it is.

Apologies ladies and gents I have been mentally busy with uni work. Bloody deadlines and being a mere man I can only do a few things at once. So whats new in the life of Paddy?

Well if you care then check this little mo fo out!

So whats the good news? Well I made it to the final 10!

Who is joining me?

Well thankfully Rusja got through, I think I would have contacted suicide watch if she didn't get through, damn that girl is super hyped for this job. Hazza made it through, respect to you sir. Chris Cuzzy came through strong, let's here it 'Leeds Met! Leeds Met!' I think we could get some PR with this, Leeds Met representing big time. My girl Sparky made it through, enough said. Everyone else, I don't really know you that well yet, but congratulations and good luck for the next round.

Speaking of which. We have 5 days to make STA video 'gold'. All I can and will do is just do my best. I have no 'tricks' up ones sleeve but I have a new HD camera and bags of creative ideas. My distinct advantage is that I live in the north. Where the people are the best and that's a fact.

Been to the 'set' of my new video and talked all things jazz with Richard;

All I need now is a day off to film the bloody thing.

Peace! x x x

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Roo said...

haha suicide watch! i wouldnt go that far!!!

congrats dude.