Internship video blues....

My eagerness to create my internship application video for the 2010 STA Travel Internship, is certainly not being match by the termoil world that is IT.

Terms like DV, firewire, and USB compatible connections, have become words a that are steadily becoming linked to suicidal tendencies!!

Ok maybe not that bad, but by hell the world of video shooting, uploading, and editing is slowly becoming a true test of my patience.

My experience in this type of activity is small, but I think steadily im starting to get the hang of this.

I am really trying my best to get my video up first to beat the crowds, but I have a feeling I will fail. Ive been spending hours looking at other videos from the US version of this programme with great interest. Some of the videos are truly fantastic, the majority however wont be as good as mine. I just hope those high budget films shot by film students won't over shadow mine too much. I suppose the only thing I can do, is do my best, and hope my personality can push me forward into the top 20.....!!!

I am getting VERY excitied.

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