New Ideas Please........

TV channels are feeding us with nothing but old crap. Re-runs of Top Gear, Who's Line is it anyway?, Family Fortunes, and Wheel of Fortune to name just a few are clogging up telly. New channels such as "Dave", "Dave+1", "Challenge" etc are just plowing out old tripe, and we are watching it. There is simply not anything else being made that is good enough anymore, so we turn to old classics.

Music? Well lets look at the charts. Spice Girls and TakeThat number one and number two. Boyzone are getting back together, Westlife have just released "Home" their third cover in a row and All Saints are also coming back soon.

We are in a drought of new and exciting entertainment. Can anyone change this? Not even Simon Cowell's best efforts this year look like raising a single eyebrow.

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